okay so i got bored sitting around here cause there’s no one to hang out with so i decided to drive to the beach just down the road. holy shit there were so many people and children i was afraid i was going to run someone over, and miraculously i actually got really good parking. a lot of people were leaving but there was still a considerable amount of people standing around on the sidewalk and even more people down on the beach. i walked along the pathway on the beach until i saw this huge crowd surrounding the source of some kind of tribal drumming music. i walked up to it and there was this cute guy next to me but i didn’t say anything cause i’m me, but a lot of the people in the middle of the crowd were dancing and yelling and it was just really fun and i sorta started moving but never really went crazy. anyway i have a video and a picture so i’ll try to upload those in a bit but yeah it was really cool and i got to see a lot of fireworks and cute guys. i even caught the eye of a cute guy on a bike it made me feel good about myself. so yeah, that’s my story i had fun. 

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posted 2 years ago