Well this took me an age! I never considered how much I’d have to take into account when discussing Lady Gaga, but the sheer amount of thinking I’ve had to do has taught me one very important thing: Lady Gaga actually requires me to think. In a world where pop music is dominated by club/dance influenced music, thinking is not important. All that matters is the ability to dance, drink, mate or have money. And that’s exactly why we have to talk about Gaga. 

Looking back over pop (in this context of this discussion meaning ‘chart music’) in recent years, particularly the past 2/3 years, Club music has had a iron grip on mainstream music and popular culture in general. And while this is just like any other music trend (grunge, Britpop, rock’n’roll etc.) that takes control of chart music scene for a while, club music has a worrying tendency to be brainless and lazy, and Lady Gaga takes on a lot more importance as a result.

Just to warn you, this is going to be very long-winded.

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posted 3 years ago (® upontheheathwesit)